One of my favorite things to say is: ” There are no magic bullets in dental technology.” Then I found one in the Poly Chromatic Frits -.I’m serious! Do yourself a favor and buy Jim Emmons book, “Aesthetic Edge Illumination: Color & Ceramics in Dentistry”. You’ll know why I recommend it immediately.

The Spectrafire smart phone shade analysis is amazing – it has totally eliminated guessing shade communication – Now I don’t have schedule special shade appointments.

Alan McLain
McLain Dental Lab

I had the privilege of be one of the very first beta testers two decades ago. At that time, I owned my own dental laboratory and did not have time to guess at shades or try to interpret what I thought I saw. The process of going to the office or have the patient come to the laboratory is too time consuming and expensive for everyone. Having a system that reads the shade (color) and translucency by the numbers has eliminated all the guess work, and it has 97% to 98% accuracy. The best part was that I rarely had to see the patient. All of the data was transmitted by photos. Today I no longer own my laboratory, but I have the privilege of being an in-house ceramist in a prosthodontist’s practice. With the predictably of this shading system, I still rarely see the patients for shading issues. With this system in place, it makes my employer and me much more productive, predictable, and the patient goes out the front door happy with a minimum of time spent.

Danny W Diebel

The digital shade selection has saved my bacon more than once. The more complicated  the shade the more you need this. Single anterior ” Mona Lisa” shades with hard to qualify  “value”  are made easier and achievable.

Al McLain
McLain Dental Lab