Lighting & Digital Shade

Lighting is the key to accuracy in shading. Our system provides the ability to ensure that the correct lighting is used when taking the photo of the patient’s teeth to achieve the ultimate in precision. A tripod-mounted full-spectrum zone light is available as an aid. Illumination cards are used to precisely measure the quality and volume of the light when taking a photo. This is exceptionally important; the colors we see change as fluorescent lighting ages and due to weather conditions as well as wall paint colors in the room. Visually what appeared perfectly matched may require remakes, adding time and cost. Whether using a camera that meets the qualifications for the system, or an iPhone or other high quality smartphone camera set with no flash, the process is fast, simple to use, and exceptionally accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a frit, what makes it special?

    Our frits are recrystalizing porcelain , this enables  refraction of the light (bouncing of the light inside the crystals) glass is amorphus and simply diffuses light. The method of manufacture of a frit is different than ordinary glazes. Frits are less soluable than ordinary glass glazes.

  • Can I use the Life essence shading frits on All my different porcelains?

    Yes, we designed the Life Essene shading frits to work with every brand & type of porcelain. We have a firing chart availabe in out tutorial section for the different types & brands.

  • Sample Shade Analysis Rx?

    Shade adjustment zones shown by tooth area – works with any brand or type ceramic material.
    For internal modification use shade ranged modifier as indicated by base shade

    For External shade modification use the Spectrafire Digital Frit palette - as indicated by base shade & % indicated on shade Rx.

    Life Essence Digital shade analysis Offers restoration shade match check (& Correction Rx) As part of the basic digital shade analysis.

  • Custom Shade Rx For The Ceramist?

    The Life Essence digital shade system enables simple and efficient custom shade communication.

    The ceramist receives a shade Rx of what shade range % is necessary to match the tooth .

    The information from the Life Essence Digital Shade system is exactly reproducible using the Life Essence frit palette or internal modifier formulas.

    Hue range
    is determined by the shade sample used to take the base shade.
    will read as a % of opacity/ reflectivity above that of the shade guide sample.
    Will read a % of translucency greater than the shade sample in the picture.
    Negative Shade
    This registry will show the amount of smoke shade (negative ) you need to achieve a stripe of tetracycline stain

    The Life Essence digital shade palette has hue and value levels that match the Shade analysis Rx.

  • Spectrafire Life Essence frit shades & palette?

    The Spectrafire frit palette is made to enable a controlled level of shade adjustment. The shading liquid is indexed to the ceramic frit shading material.

    This allows you to see the exact appearance of the restoration before it is fired. These translucent colors are set in three strength level to correspond with the Life Essence digital shade analysis system.

    The three levels of shade adjustment enable you to follow the adjustment levels recommended by the Life Essence digital shade analysis system Rx.

    They are compatible with ALL brands & types of porcelain – Lithium disilicate / Zirconia (layered & full contour) & all porcelain fused to metal materials. Internally or externally. All of the shades are self glazing and do not require an over glaze.

    If you prefer to internally modify your ceramic powders we offer a shade modifier blending service to enable you to use your brand of porcelain and have the correct modifier blends .

    Internal Modifier Blending Service
    We will use your porcelain (clear) and blend our color to give you the A.B,C,D 4M & 5M and Smoke modifiers for your porcelain. $75.00 for blending 7 shades with our color and your base clear.

  • Why do I need a “Zone light”

    Light volume / quality and consistency is paramount to accurate pictures for shade analysis. Most operatories we have taken pictures in have had inadequate light volume for good shade analysis.

    Over head operatory lights flood the teeth.

  • What is the illumination card for?

    The Illumination card captures the ambient light “COLOR” and enables you to see what color is illuminating the teeth . The illumination card will also enable you to see when your room lighting is deteriorating.

    The illumination card enables you to compare operatory and the laboratory lighting.

    Fluorescent lighting turns green as it ages, this effect washes out the warm shading in translucent teeth.