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In aesthetic restorative dentistry, approximately 50% of remakes are the result of a failure to accurately match shades. Older systems rely on visual shade matching, which has inherent challenges – each individual perceives color, shade, and light differently, and the quality and volume of light skews perception of color. The answer lies in employing an advanced digital system that makes it possible to register natural tooth shade & illumination , enabling completely natural-looking restorations.

Life Essence software and frits provide aesthetic dentists with an advanced system for highly accurate naturalistic shade matching. Life Essence is the first chromatic refraction shading system available. After decades of guesswork from dentists and laboratory technicians, the problems of shade matching are finally resolved. The clinical importance of having simple yet accurate correct shade selection is the key to the final appearance of a tooth restoration. Without the communication of subtle shade nuances, the ceramist is left guessing as to what detail shading attention to ceramic material adjustment is needed. The results can be less than optimal.

Life Essence frits bring a new dimension to tooth restorations, and are an important aspect of our fully comprehensive system available to aesthetic dental practitioners and technicians today. The system is universal, and functions with all the different brands and types of porcelain. The illumination within the frit matrix enhances the depth of vitality that is impossible to achieve with common stains. Life Essence Shading Liquid provides the ability to see exactly what the fired shade will look like – prior to firing the ceramic final glazing.

One of my favorite things to say is: ” There are no magic bullets in dental technology.” Then I found one in the Poly Chromatic Frits -.I’m serious! Do yourself a favor and buy Jim Emmons book, “Aesthetic Edge Illumination: Color & Ceramics in Dentistry”. You’ll know why I recommend it immediately.

The Spectrafire smart phone shade analysis is amazing – it has totally eliminated guessing shade communication – Now I don’t have schedule special shade appointments.

Alan McLain
McLain Dental Lab, Eugene, OR

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