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What number do YOU see in the image to the left?

Learn more about how we see color. Determine if you are Color Normal or Color Deficient.

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Innovative Technology Products for Dentistry

New Dimensions In Custom Shade Communication

Spectrafire Digital Shade analysis / Easy to use / Economical / Excellent results

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Digital Custom Shade System

Shade Selection Is No Longer An Opinion/ Guess

We have simplified & Eliminated -- Custom Shade Guessing

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Polychromatic Frit

We offer innovative technology products for dentistry.

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Tutorials for the new dimensions in custom shade communication

Color Test

Take an easy color test to reveal what you see if there's deficiencies


Lighting evaluation is part of the Spectrafire Digital Shade Analysis

Innovative Technology for Dentistry

Start Now! You can now take advantage of our Spectrafire Digital Shade Analysis sytem

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